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Find the Freedom Trax all-terrain motorized wheelchair users reviews and testimonials: sunny beachfront excursions, forest trail exploration, country lane runs or even snow track adventures.

There’s not many things more important to me than the freedom to continue to go to the places I want to go and to reclaim my independence. Just a few weeks ago I had the incredible pleasure to traverse the sand dunes and beach along the shore of Lake Michigan. I haven’t been able to walk on the beach for a good 20 years or so. To me, that’s worth every penny.


It is awesome!!! I’ve used it now for about 2 months, with NO problems and it will take you and your wheelchair anyplace dry. I’ve tried several beaches, many different kinds of sand, hard, loose, small, big, dry, and wet with NO issues. It will even climb most sand dunes. You only need to be careful not to tip it by going to steep or going off a step.

Great product and thank you!!!!!

Don K.
Florida, USA

I was fortunate to be selected to try the Freedom Trax motorized wheelchair during my winter skiing break. It felt fantastic to be able to join, for the first time, my parents on an invigorating snow track hike.

The Freedom Trax motorized platform gave me much appreciated freedom of movement and autonomy during my travel, especially at the ski resort.

Rémy B.
Orléans, France

Great product. Much more affordable then any other electric off-road product that I know of. It does great in the sand. If you live near the beach or a lake, this is a must-have. Especially if you don’t have the room for a full size off-road chair.

The best part is its size. It can easily be transported without the need of a trailer, wheelchair accessible van, or vehicle rack setup. And storing it is a cinch. I do a lot of camping, and even if I’m not sure I’ll use it, I bring it along anyways because it is so easy to pack up without taking up a bunch of room.

I look forward to many more years of cruising up and down the sandy beaches of California in my Freedom Trax.

Mike D.
California, USA

It was an amazing experience for all of us. We acquired the Freedom Trax platform in March and were able to use it on different slopes in the mountains and on different types of beachfront terrain. It was easy to master and very satisfying.

We lent it to a few fellow PRM friends who were most pleased with the simplicity of use and efficiency of the Freedom Trax platform.

Séverine G.
Saint Malo, France

The essential machine to enjoy the garden, the beach or the snow… I don’t regret my investment at all… … And the heads of the people who watch you passing by on this strange machine, I never get tired of it… 😉


It’s convenient! I can go anywhere on the beach, on the fine sand and as close to the sea as possible, on the harder ground. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to get stuck, but no, it’s going to go back! It’s really nice!


On Sunday I tested the Freedom Trax , a tracked vehicle on which you can ride with a manual wheelchair. I had this opportunity thanks to my friend whose project is to develop the rental of leisure equipment for people with disabilities and their families as well as municipalities that could offer them to holidaymakers, you can follow their tests of equipment on the page Miaggo Freedom Equality Accessibility for more info!

The freedom Trax is a caterpillar designed to allow access to complex floors for manual wheelchair users: sand, snow, undergrowth, paths … For this trial we have given ourselves an appointment at the beach of Sainte Marine near Benodet in our beautiful region of Brittany!

My friend took the tracker out of the trunk of his car, which also contained the folding wheelchair of his son (so it’s quite compact). The track weighs 32 kilos, so it can be handled by a third party or possibly alone thanks to a ramp that is sold by the supplier for this purpose.

I had to move backwards to get on the Freedom Trax so my friend could make the adjustments to adapt it to the measurements of my chair. They are done on the length and the width. Exclusively for manual chairs and chairs with little bending angle (it’s too wide otherwise).

I didn’t manage to climb on my own but my son friend does it without any problem, I don’t have all my arms but obviously it’s not too difficult (at the same time the guy is not just anybody, he’s a football champion at the Electro foot Brestois!).

The bindings are simple, 2 rods that pass through the small front wheels and the pallets that you pull up with a rubber band, that you can handle alone with the right hands, I think I could have done it myself but I had the flemme😅.

The joystick is fixed on the fork of the chair.

And here we go ! if we go straight ahead, which is relative because the maximum speed is 5 km / h, it skates a little, there is a small inertia at the start, the time it clings. The freedom trax rolls super well in the sand, takes directions easily, a hair less when you turn on itself at the stop but idem, small inertia then it’s gone !

We tested the slope of face, it does not tip over thanks to the 2 wheels located at the back of the track, it stops because it skates. Forward I surfed on the sand while going there at maximum speed in a good descent but it did not tip over either. On the other hand, on a slope it tipped over very quickly, so be careful on the small paths, the fall can be hard !

The Freedom Trax should not be immersed, but it can be ridden in puddles of less than 10cms of water.

It rolls almost better on dry sand than wet sand. On this beach the ground is not compact as you can find it on the beaches of the North of France for example.

The autonomy is 8 kms.

For my feelings, well I loved it ! really ! however I am not at all a fan of electric wheelchairs (since I tore off my curtains and the bar that goes with it and I gave mine !) but here ! I can see myself going to the beach with friends, my children, just need to get out the caterpillar and once on it I can carry my stuff alone, no one has to push me, I’m totally autonomous on the walk ! I imagine many places today inaccessible or I could go with this machine. I want one !!!!!



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