Le Freedom Trax à l'aise sur les plages de sable, avec votre fauteuil roulant

Beach and sandy pathways

On the beach in a wheelchair

No more seaside access limits! Equipped with an all-terrain Freedom Trax platform you will be able to explore sandy beaches (both dry and wet) or pebble waterfronts with an amazing serenity and ease.

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Le Freedom Trax à l'aise dans la neige à la montagne en fauteuil roulant

In the snow

Up the mountain with ease

With the Freedom Trax motorized platform you can move on snow or follow your family and friends on hiking trails and outdoor activities.

Freely move around at the foot of the ski slopes, enjoy the breathtaking views and pure mountain air.

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Avec le Freedom Trax promenez-vous en forêt avec votre fauteuil roulant manuel

In the forest

Get off the beaten track!

All wheelchair equipped PMR can tackle all different types of terrain once equipped with the Freedom Trax motorized platform.

Use your new capacity to join family and friends on forest promenades or hikes down winding country lanes.

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Choosing the right Freedom Trax

The unique design Freedom Trax motorized platform was specifically conceived to enable all wheelchair-dependent persons to freely move on difficult terrain: sand, snow, gravel and even on mud.

Adaptable to most manual wheelchairs or directly with an integrated seat, the Freedom Trax is suited to all morphologies and pathologies.

Choosing the right Freedom Trax
Gamme Freedom trax le dispositif tout terrain pour les personnes à mobilité réduite
Freedom Trax à la plage, planches en bois

Freedom Trax en forêt chemin

Freedom Trax fauteuil roulant manuel sur la plage

Freedom Trax au ski

Freedom Trax promenade en forêt

Freedom Trax balade sur terrain accidenté

Freedom Trax pente enneigée

Balade sur le sable en chenillettes tout terrain Freedom Trax